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Dimitra Petropoulou-Dimitraki, Engraver
Place of Birth. Athens


Dimitra Petropoulou-Dimitraki graduated with honors from the Supreme School of Fine Arts (ASKT) where she studied under Professor C. Grammatopoulos receiving a scholarship in the art of color wood cuts (1969-1973).
She has also a diploma in Interior Decorating from the Doxiades Fine Arts School where she studied under Professor S. Vasileiou.
She taught art history and fine arts for many years at the Anavrita High School, worked as an examiner in architecture school entrance exams and has published numerous articles on education and the fine arts in the Journal of Eikastiki Paideia. She has also been elected as member of Fine Arts Chamber of Greece.

Individual Exhibition
2011. Individual Exhibition, “Anemos” Gallery
2007. Individual Exhibition, “Peri Tehnon” Gallery
1978. Individual Exhibition of colored engravings, Kreonidis Gallery, Athens

Group Exhibitions in Greece
2014. “Toys without frontiers” – Municipality of Athens.
2013. Exhibition of contemporary greek`s art – Shanghai China .
2013 “Flying with a bike” – Cultural center “MELINA’, Athens
2012. “Plan B`”- cultural foundation of National Bank of Greece – Greek printmakers` association.
2011. International Biennale, Biblioteca Alexadrina, Alexandria, Egypt
2010. Panhellenic Exhibition of Members of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece ‘The Human Form in Art’, Tehnopolis, Gkazi
2009. Exhibition ‘Panorama of Greek Engraving’, Tehnopolis, Municipality of Athens
2009. Print Fest – 1st Festival of Greek Engraving, Cultural Centre of Municipality of Athens ‘Melina’
2009. ‘100 Years of Neohellenic Engraving’ Collection on Giannis Papakonstantinou, Gallery of the Society of Macedonian Studies, Thessaloniki
2008. Engraving Exhibition ‘Panorama of Greek Engraving’, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Tehnopolis, Gkazi
2007. Engraving Exhibition ‘The Greek Engraving Today’ State Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki
2007. Engraving Exhibition ‘The Greek Engraving Today’ Gallery of E.Averoff, Metsovo
2006. Engraving Exhibition ‘urban Landscaes’ Gallery of the Municipality of Athens
2005. ‘Exhibition of Modern Greeks Engravers’, Union of Greek Engravers, Chambers of Art ‘Kouros European’ and ‘M. Andronikos’, Athens
2003. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Chamber of Figurative Arts Greece, Athens
2003. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu
2003. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Union of Greek Engravers, Athens
2002. ‘Exhibition Figurative Month of Arts’ Gazi, Athens
2002. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Cultural Centre of Athens Municipality
2000. ‘1st Trienale of Greek Engraving’ Art Gallery Pieridi, Athens
2000. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Cultural Centre of Athens Municipality
1997. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Chamber of Art Epohes, Cultural Centre of Athens Municipality
1996. ‘Art Exhibition’ Museum Kotopouli
1995. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Chamber of Art Epohes, Cultural Centre of Athens Municipality
1994. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Hellenic-American Union, Athens
1994. ‘Exhibition of Cultural’ Centre of Agia Paraskevi Municipality, Athens
1994. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Theatre of College of Athens
1992. ‘Engraving of Educational Engraving’ Hellenic-German School, Athens
1992. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Cultural Centre, Dion
1992. ‘Engraving Exhibition “Greek Engravers engraved for Macedonia”, Vellideio, Thessalonica
1992. ‘Exhibition of Museum Kotopouli’ Athens
1992. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Chamber of Art Anemos, Kifisia, Athens
1991. ‘Exhibition of Greek Engraving’ Gallery Eymaros, Athens
1990. ‘Exhibition of Teachers of Fine Arts’ Athens
1989. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Vellideio, Thessalonica
1988. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Theatre of Volos
1988. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio
1987. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Cultural Centre of Agia Paraskevi Municipality, Athens
1987. ‘Exhibition of Greek Engravers’, Theatre of the College of Athens
1986. ‘Exhibition of Offer of Greek Artists for Kalamata’, National Art Gallery, Athens
1986. ‘Exhibition Support Mexico’, Museum Vore, Athens
1985. ‘The Art in the Municipalities’, Exhibition of the members of Chamber of Figurative Arts Greece, Athens
1982. ‘Exhibition of Engraving of Greek Artists’, Cultural Centre of Athens Municipality
1980. ‘Exhibition Engraving in Greece Today’, Gallery Ora, Athens
1978. ‘Exhibition Painting-Engraving’, Cultural Centre of Athens Municipality
1975. ‘Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Engraving’, Zappeio, Athens
1975. ‘Exhibition of Engraving’, Laboratory of Higher School of Fine Arts, Delphi 1971. ‘Exhibition of Engraving’, Chamber of Art, Thessalonica

International exhibitions
2013. Exhibition of Modern Greek Art. Shanghai. China.
2011. International Bienalle for Miniature Graphics, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
2011. “Modern Greek Engraving in Bulgaria” Lesendra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
1998. ‘Exhibition Foculasation du Regard’ Western European Union Building/Greek Presidency (January-June 1998), Brussels
1994. ‘Exhibtion Maison de l’ Unesco’ Paris
1994. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Vychdoslovenske Museum Kosic, Slovakia
1994. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Xylon Museum Schwenzigen, Germany
1994. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Kunschthaus Beim Engel, Luxembourg
1992. ‘XII Bienalle of Engraving’ Czechoslovakia
1988. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ Moscow
1988. ‘Engraving Exhibition’ National Museum of Warsaw, Poland

Professional Activity

From 1993 Dimitra Petropoulou-Dimitraki teaches in the Experimental High School-Lyceum of Anavrita and is official marker of Pan-Hellenic examinations for entrance in higher education institutions. She is elected member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

Published Studies

• ‘Popular Architecture and Engraving’ Eikastiki Paideia, No.19, 2003
• ‘The ancient Greek Gods through the symbols’ Eikastiki Paideia, No.17, 2001
• ‘Parthenon and Elgineia a simple approach in drawing’ Eikastiki Paideia, No.14, 1998
• ‘Delacroix and the School commemoration of 25th March 1821’ Eikastiki Paideia, No.9, 1993
• ‘The forest of Anavrita’ Eikastiki Paideia, No.10, 1994


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